My Friend Epi

By Renie Gibson


I have epilepsy and have seizures. All this means is that my brain likes to party and makes my body rock and roll. Since epilepsy is such a part of my life, it got nicknamed Epi.

I first met Epi three years ago. It was scary at first, but Epi and I learned to get along. If I never would have met Epi, then I would have never met Patsy and the rest of my new family. Also, thanks to Epi, I have been given the chance to teach others about seizures.

Some people have told me that they were sorry that I have epilepsy. I tell them that there is nothing to be sorry for. Because Epi is part of what makes me be me. And I like me. Because of this, I guess Epi really is my friend.

I have also been told that I look “normal.” To this I say that I am normal. I just have seizures. I guess that I’m like a box of Cracker Jacks-I’ve got a little surprise inside.

I think that the most important lesson that I have learned in the last three years is that having epilepsy does not make me a freak or strange. I am the same person that I was before Epi came into my life. I’m still me and I’m ok.