Epilepsy Society Programs Include:

Support Groups:
  1.  Circle of Understanding Adult Support Group meets at the office on the 3rd
    Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM.
  2.  Circle of Understanding Children's Support Group meets at the office on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 3:30 PM
  1. Epilepsy Management in Schools- This program offers grade specific presentations on epilepsy in the classroom and on the school yards. This series is presented to teachers, teachers' aides, administrative personnel, and staff, along with children.
  2. Public Education- This program is designed to expand awareness of epilepsy as a treatable disorder, to improve public understanding, eradicate negative beliefs, enhance knowledge of first aid procedures, and dispel myths and stigmas.
  3. Specific Assistance Fund- This fund was renamed in 2004 to Haylee's Hope Specific Assistance Fund. This fund provides the means to purchase medication, transportation costs, and other financial needs. The original fund was set up in the 1950's by the Delta Theta Tau Sorority. 
  4. Advocacy- Designed to further the achievement of independence, equality, and full participation in society by people with epilepsy. The program provides counseling for those who are frightened, confused, depressed, or discouraged by seizures and the lack of knowledge or understanding by society, peers, or family.
  5. Health Professional Training and Development- This program is designed to support medical professionals with information on new advancements, early recognition, improved treatments, causes, diagnoses, and medications.
  6. Epilepsy Management For Caregivers- This program started in the fall of 2004 and is specifically for those individuals serving as caregivers.
Vegas Nerve Stimulation (VNS Therapy)
 Brain Surgery
Ketogenic Diet (May be affective in children)